Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Tuesday, April 24

Some of our friends went to Kids Sport this morning! They were so excited to play with their friends!

The rest of the class worked on the "ou" sound and we played after!

Students organized their water bottles from smallest to biggest on their own! Good job, SK!

Gym outside with Ms. Amra

UOI: How We Express Ourselves

Today we continued exploring our feelings. We watched a video that displayed different emotions and students had to describe what the character was feeling.
After, we talked about what makes us happy. Students shared some of experiences that make them happy and drew a picture.

Gavin was happy when he got a new dinosaur toy

Kaysha was happy on her 6th Birthday party

Aarna was happy when she went to Jamaica with her mom and dad

Kai gets happy when he thinks about going on his trip to Punta Cana

Farah is happy because her Birthday is next month!

Tarun was happy when his dad bought a new car

Mila was happy when she went to Punta Cana with her family

Syra gets happy when she gets invited over to her friends house and when she has a Birthday party

Surina was happy on her Birthday

Victoria was happy when she went to Dominican Republic with her family

Devan gets happy when he eats ice cream!

French with Mlle. Jessica

Thank you,

Ms. Ayoub

Monday, 23 April 2018

Monday, April 23

Morning Routine & Calendar
Kaysha is our calendar helper this week

Victoria is our plant feeder

Gavin is our weather reporter

Phonics: "ou" sound
Students explored the "ou" sound. We watched phonics videos and brainstormed words containing the "ou" sound

Students wrote about their favourite day during the spring fundraiser

Math: Measurement
Today we observed different math problems to figure out the fastest route.
Students worked in their workbook to solve a math problem.
After, students continued with measuring surface area. Students used index cards to measure surfaces like a chair, table, white board etc. 

gym was cancelled today, so we exercised in the classroom!

Unit of inquiry: How We Express Ourselves
Today we started our new UOI unit, how we express ourselves. 
Students brainstormed different emotions they go through. 
Students played charades and picked out an emotion from a hat and acted out the emotion for their peers to guess.
After, students drew pictures of an emotion they have experienced.

Popcorn Day!!!!

French with Mlle. Jessica